So, one day I was in church, and a lot of older people have commented on it and said nice things about it. But one older man said, "Where did all your pretty hair go?". He turned to my mom and said, "You outta whoop her.". We kind laughed it off, then he says, "Now you go back home and find your real hair."
I say, "this IS my real hair."
He says, "I won't accept it."
that really hurt, i know we were kinda joking, but he is black too, and i think he texturizes his hair.
It's like, when you say that, it's like you're not accepting ME, because this IS how I was made, and it not gonna change!

My mom say, "why don't you comb your hair?" and I'm like I can't, It'll break. She said that's what she did to it when I was a baby, no wonder she didn't like it.

And people like to reach out and touch it. I don't like that at all.

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