What's wrong with "jheri curl looking" hair? Some of us do have hair like that. eta: Not everyone gets to have 4-range curls.
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Cuz I'm looking at mine right now....it sho does look jheri-curlish....I got that SOUL-GLO! But I am a 4-ranger....the longer it gets, the more I look like I got a jheri curl. Of course there are apparently differing ideas of what a "jheri-curl" looked like. lol there were size 3 jheri curls and size 4 jheri curls back in the day too. My hair even slicks back and waves like I'm laying down the sides of a jheri curl........smh
Hair type: the back and sides have small spiraly curls, the top and front just wave like, "hi! how ya doin?"

Condish: ElucenceMBC, HEHH, my kitchen mixes

Moisturizer: mixed spritz of: H20, aloe vera juice, honey, EVCO, ElucenceMBC

Curl Definer: H20 & a shake, my moisturizer mix.... or aloe vera/flax seed/ic fantsia gel if I'm not being lazy.

Styles: wash-n-go, twists just curl up like my wash-n-go

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