ya'll aint right...but dayum this thread is hella funny....
Originally Posted by Nappy_curly_crown
no, it's making me mad , like what the heck?!?!
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Well let me help you buy a clue...stop starting a million and dayum one threads about the same thing w/o using the search feature and/or at the very least going back to the same thread to see the answers that people have given you. It's hella annoying when people ask for advice or pose a question on this board and then don't stop and take the time to actually use or even process the information presented. I know you are new, and I know this is all very different from relaxed hair but on the real...like PAUSE a minute. Read the advice you've already gotten from the 15 threads you have started...or even use the search feature to see if someone else has asked the same question that you have (chances are that someone has) and THEN if you still are confused or have a question...start a thread.
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