ya'll aint right...but dayum this thread is hella funny....
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no, it's making me mad , like what the heck?!?!
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Afrochick aka Runna4life.
It's going to be hard to get people to be all that concerned about making you mad because in case you haven't notice you've ticked off most of the 4a board. People are irritated with you because post questions and you don't seem to be reading the responses because if you did you wouldn't go and post the same questions over and over again in various places. It's like you want your own personal daily haircare analysis instead of doing your own research. Was it really necessary to post a thread about how to moisturize you low porosity hair in 4a when there is a whole subforum called LOW POROSITY where all that info is available. Also we have a random 4a questions section so there is no need to create an entirely new thread every day. Do you see anyone else doing that? Why do you need so much attention? 4as get called mean. I'm not trying to be mean but I'm going to be honest. I'm sure you're a great person in real life but on the forums you've been working people's last nerve.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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