I found this definition weird too. I'm wondering though if by "sticky" they do mean that it's difficult to run your fingers through it? Every now and then I do a thorough cleansing with a non-moisturizing shampoo and before I put conditioner on my hair, it does feel kind of "sticky." I can't really run my fingers through my hair without it getting tangled. It seems like a lot of other people experience this too, so maybe that's what "sticky" means. I always thought though that this was just how hair behaved when wet, not something special about high porosity hair. But then again, I never realized that some people can have water "bead up" on their hair. I figured everyone's hair just got instantly wet lol! So maybe people with lower porosity hair don't experience as much tangling when their hair is wet. I agree with evee103 too though; my hair seems to have very little texture when it dries. I think for me this is because it is fine.