I can be sensitive to some fragrances; I can get terrible headaches. While this scent isn't my favourite, it is lightly fragranced and it fades once it is dry. While I was aware of it while it dried, it never gave me a headache. I can't say that I love the fragrance, but I don't dislike it either, scent is a very personal thing. What smells amazing to some, is offensive to others. My main requirement is that it can't be floral, cant be too strong, fades when dry and of course, no headaches. It passes all my requirements!
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It only bothered me a touch. I emailed and asked if it could be ordered fragrance free and I received a sweet note back indicating that the product is made in batches so no customizing can be done at this time.

My hair looked so good with it (Coil Jam) that I a going to order it anyway.
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