1/2/2012 - Buns of Steel
1/3/2012 - Arms, face, Shapely Secrets, Callanetics abs, waist, chin
1/4/2012 - Buns of Steel
Originally Posted by ShrekLover
Do you mind telling me a little about the Buns of Steel DVD? How long is the workout? Do you have to get on the floor (I really hate getting on the floor)? Do you need any equipment? What kinds of benefits have you noticed? Really just anything you can tell me will be appreciated. I want buns of steel.

Originally Posted by VTmom
If you do the complete workout it is about 40 or maybe 45 minutes. You can choose to do only the last 4 minutes versus the whole 12 minutes of the warmup. Also I always skip the arms and abs, as I have other workouts I like for those.

Unfortunately, the whole workout is on the floor except for the main part of the warmup. No equipment needed. It's a lot of leg lifts, but he has you keep your foot flexed and straight and that really makes you feel a burn in your butt. It's actually fun and I can't believe I'm not bored yet. But if you hate floor exercises you won't like this.

ETA: My butt is very flat and I am starting to see some lifting and I'm excited. I've got a ways to go yet though and I don't know if my butt will ever get where I would like it.