I am still in the starter locs stage so I haven't solidified a regimen as yet.

So while it's not a list of what works for me it's a list of things I intend to use.

I also have the same problem with finding all natural products, so a lot of the products I am looking at are generally available online. You can check the online stores to see where you can find them on the ground.

The products I am looking to use in the future are:

Shampoo: Still searching. I like the idea of using shampoo bars but they are hard to get on the ground. I do think bars might work best for locs because I can see someone with long, thick locs going through a bottle of shampoo in two washes.
Conditioner: I used to love HEHH when I had loose hair, but I think I might switch.

I have a strong suspicion that I will be using Oyin products to wash and condition.

Leave In: I have already purchased the Curl Junkie Soothing Lotion. Looking forward to try it.

Loc product: I have the Jane Carter Twist and Loc thingy.

Moisturiser: Donna Marie Curling Creme or Qhemet Burdock Root. Leaning towards the DMCC. With Qhemet my hair feels dry at the end of the day, but with DM it lasts a bit longer.

Oils: I am using castor oil and EVOO. I do prefer grapeseed oil but it's not available here. If I had to recommend an oil it would be grapeseed without a doubt. It's lighter than EVOO but works just as well.

DC: Still not sure.

Protein: Henna (and maybe aphogee)

It's not much, but hopefully it gives you a starting point.
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