I received my Curly Kinks (Satin Roots and Coil Jam) last Friday. I love it! Great pick kam!
I cleansed with CJDF, used a quarter sized amount of LI raked and scrunched in and used a quarter sized amount of Jam mixed with BRHG scrunched in. After I diffused, I had a nice gel cast that scrunched out beautifully. My hair was so soft! It had great curl definition, volume and best of all no frizz.
Now for my dilemma...hubs and son hate the fragrance! Neither of them want me to use it again. I don't mind the fragrance and found it mild enough that it didn't bother me. I scrunched in a wee bit of Oyin Burnt Sugar pomade to try disguising the scent. It worked for a while, but within a short time both guys said they could still smell it. Grrrrr! I'm open to any suggestions on how I might cover the scent.
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