Gurlll you just don't know. That stuff cured my pj, and something had told me to stock up. But I waited til I ran out *sniff* to find out she wasn't stocking for a while. Then she teased me in September *sniff sniff* and I just couldn't take it. I needed to find a replacement. Money started disappearing as I was trying to find a substitute. Next thing you know, I stopped looking fly, my husband found my failed product boneyard and said I had to just get over it and move on *sniff*. But I knew she'd come back to me....I just knew if I was patien........ yeah. Imma buy like 4 jars...and will cut anyone who gets in my way...
Last perm 8/07, big chop 5/08, several mini chops since
Fine, medium density, low porosity. PJ in recovery
Current loves:Tressemme Nats, AO GPB, One and Only Argan Oil Hydrating Mask, Alba Botanicals Leave-in, KCKT, Qhemet BRBC & OHHB, Terresentials Mud Wash, Trader Joes Nourish Spa
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