i started my traditional locs with two strand twists. i didn't section and part. i went a little smaller realizing that locs plump up. honestly i don't remember what product i used way back then. i know i didn't use beeswax. i do know at the end i was using aloe vera gel and that worked great. my hair loves to be loc'd though so i didn't need products to speed it up.

now that im in sisterlocks i like the idea of interlocking even with traditional locs but i think it would have been hard for me to start that on my own and maintain on my own. it can be done. there are tons of youtube videos but i think it takes a little more experience than palm rolling/twisting. also you could interlock for maintenance but you would have to get the hair that is loose into a loc formation through two strand twists, braids or perhaps a coil to start. in sisterlocks there is a crochet pattern done with the loose hair, i guess you could do that with loose hair but again it would be challenging to do on your own.

also i retwisted about every 5 weeks. i could have done 4, 6 might have been a little too long. that seems to be my same schedule for sisterlocks so just keep in mind you don't want to overtwist. you want to have a strong root/foundation.

here's my traditional loc pics that was before i was a much into taking tons of pics of my hair so not as many pics
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