Yay Gretchen!

Well I agree marah about Mac, girls do be going crazy. But I do love their lipsticks because they actually work like how you imagine lipstick to work and but I nah I don't waste money on their eye shadow. And they don't have sales, so at the end of the day ...they don't have sales and I only furks with sales.

Urban decay is where it's at, when you want a good sale on expensive make up. I love their eye makeup, and eyeliner is the bomb, I can't find nothing else similar or cheaper. I just have a trial size I use that's hanging on for life.

And I love NYX too. I use their eyebrow kit it's great for my nonexistent eyebrows.

Hell I love make up. If you trying to find me in Ulta its in the clearance section though.

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