It's because they know we will just laugh. Why don't they mosey over to the CN forum though and quit whining. Yea, I saw what some of those chicks said about us too. They can stay over there.
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I hear ya it seems to me like highschool over there with the popular girls who all hang out together and answer each others posts and have their own little private message convos etc so when outsiders read threads it almost seems broken then there is everyone else. Plus you have to dot your 'i' and cross your 't' becasue if you say anything out of line they will make you run. What really ticks me off is that they actualy take pleasure in it to see who can be the most wittingly insultive. It's crazy at times. I once saw a mother ask how she could tame her childs unruly hair and was contemplating a relaxer. Her wording was a bit off but they roasted the women and she never came back. To me they should have thought of the poor child and tried to educate her because there is probably one more kid walking around with a relaxer. Here you can say you are contemplating goin back and get help over there you get the tough love reply of stop being weak. SMDH
Actually...I *think* this post is from that girl who started the thread asking for hair products.

So...I'll take it with a grain of salt.
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so... theyre mad b/c they weren't coddled? oh, okay.

lol at the chick admitting that she didnt even try to do a search, but getting mad b/c folks told her about it.

stay yo ass over there.