Health Club Manager: We cancelled your membership because you joined another club and we thought that's what you wanted.

Me: Who asked y'all to think? Did I request to be cancelled, I'm paid through the end of this month and no refund has made its way to my credit card.

Health Club Manager: Oh, *long dumb a$$ pause* we don't do refunds...

Me: Y'all gonna start! I paid for a full year and you cancelled me last month with no notice cause someone up in here decided to THINK.

I come home to this bullsiht. I had planned to just let it run out and be done with them but ill be damned. The sales manager was bitter because last month I let her know I signed up with another health club and I decided not to renew so she cancelled me?!?

vIa mY cURl TaLk ApP
**sophisticated ignorance, I type my cuss words in cursive**

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