I wasn't talkin smack I was joking. I'm actually in a very good mood today and felt like joking around. I didn't think it was about me, I thought that since the tone is jokey, I could joke too for once.

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Oh..gurl..stop apologizing. You can joke just like the rest of us. CurlyElectra wasn't saying anything negative or shady about you.

Join the fun.

Where Papi at this evening ? You prolly wore him out and he resting..snoring and every dayum thang! LOL!
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Nope he workin. The manager put a "special" rule about no phone calls in place just for us (papi calls me like 10 times a shift) So I have to wait till he's off at 1 am to call him.
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Aww..that sux! But that just means when you two get back together it will be that much more special. I remember those days (keep in mind I've been with the same man..my husband for 2 decades..so we an old couple..LOL) but yeah...man I couldn't WAIT until he got home from work. Given, I had always been able to call him at work because of his profession.

But when he was in the Navy..and we were dating..I lived for those phone calls, letters, and leave visits. Dude would drive 5 hours to visit me every single month! Boy that brings back memories. Goodness..I'm old.