For depends on how it's said and what the Youtuber is projecting. Like if it's clear they are trying to gain followers and more popularity I think it's important that current followers give feedback..but in a respectful way. I've been on YT for years and I've only had to check one guru heffa. I've given constructive critique (sp ? ugh) to gurus in a very respectful manner and many of them have been very grateful for it and made changes accordingly..and know what..they gained more followers which they wanted. And us YT watchers get more it's a win win for all.

Now I have seen some comments where people are just downright rude...acting like the world is going to end because something was out of place in the video or the person pronounced a word incorrectly. Then I'm like..okay comment need to have a seat..she ain't ask you for all that...
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Okay, so let's chat about this *puts in snooty glasses and insightful hat*

What makes you think that a YouTuber is trying to make it big? The only way I assume that is if -

a) They start selling stuff (which usually makes me quit following them anyway)
b) They are doing a ton of giveaways, begging people to rate, comment, and subscribe, or are constantly thanking their subbies

What else? And I don't even mean blatantly rude comments, but I do see a lot of low key shade comments, or comments that nitpick at really trivial things. Also, I think it's different if you are a frequent commenter on a channel and the Ytuber "knows" you, so I think that would be appreciated more.
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Sure..we can talk about it. But you really answered the question with your 2 points above. Those to me are dead giveaways they want to get their hustle on..which doesn't neccessarily translate into Michelle Phan status or anything. But it's obvious they are trying to get something out of their YT videos..

I personally don't avoid videos of people that are trying to get their hustle on, get big, blow up, whatever if they put out informative, entertaining, and or interesting decent content.

And yep..I see a lot of ridiculous and extremely rude, racist, sexist, ageist, nitpicky, silly, and or trivial comments but that's the thing...if you put yourself out there you have to expect that that kind of BS comes with the territory. All that's even if you aren't trying to hustle or get something out of it. I'm not suggesting people should make rude comments but it would be pretty idiotic to not expect it. If it bugs one that much they can set their comments to whether they want to approve them or not. Otherwise I feel like you put ya self out there...suck it up and keep doing you. Or you perhaps need to do something else other than be on the YT.

But those are MY thoughts on it...I have no qualms with another perspective..but that's mine.
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Ah okay, I was wondering if you had any other dead giveaways. But yes, I agree - people are ratchet on YouTube for no damn reason, it's going to happen to everyone.
People should be willing to stand by the things they say. Or they shouldn't say them. If your opinion can't stand in the light of day...maybe it should stay in the your head?
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