are sisterlocs smaller? is that what makes them different?
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it's the interlocking (vs palm rolling) and the grid that make sisterlocks different thank other locs
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i just realized that from looking at your pictures...

can you take them out? or do you have to cut them if you don't want them anymore?

sorry if the questions are stupid.
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there are people that believe you can take out ANY locs. i do not. i cut my traditional locs and i would cut these. it's not a temporary style. if you go on youtube there are a few girls that have taken down sisterlocks, a few. check them out. it takes weeks. for me it would NOT be worth it!!!! plus after 25 hours to install, i don't see the point. my life got a LOT easier with sisterlocks. get up and go! everyday!!! sisterlocks are ideal because they can be styled and/or cut in lots of ways due to their smal size.
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