Whe my computer was actin stupid I was dying to post this in here to get ya'll's take on it:

So a guy I work with decided to drop som american history knowledge on me the other day, Not knowing american history is my thing. I watch the PBS documentaries like other people watch american idol. Anyway he informed me that:

george washington freed the slaves in 1904. See he wrote the emancipation proclaimation, and then betsy ross shot him in the back of the head one night at a club, he thinks it was studio 54. Anyway the important thing is he died and his vice president abraham lincoln signed it, which is why he got all the credit. But he was working with martin luther king to get the jim crow laws repealed when he, too died in office of cholra. Plus during that time alot of people don't know, booker t washington was a spy for the confederacy.

I kid you not he was serious, and he thought he was educating me.
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Lawd..what kinda J-O-B you got with folks working there that dayum dumb..ain't no way. I think this guy was seriously pulling your chain.