I cant find any decent men where I live and quite frankly Im tired of the dating scene.

I ran into a man earlier. Very handsome and could put a sentence together,

He immediately tells me , he made a mistake when he was younger. He was selling drugs big time and was in prison for 8 years. Hes been out a year and getting himself together.

I must of had this look on my face because he said Hes used to that response.

We actually had a conversation on how to be a good black man while trying to redeem mistakes in the past.

I told him I dont think I could date him because it would always be in the back of my mind but to keep himself out of trouble and continue to strive.

What is it about me that any and every one will approach me? Last night at a skate event 4 older men hit on me every time they saw me, I felt like a biscuit waiting to be sopped up.

* throws hands up *