EsmeCullen - is the redken free of cones? Since henna'ing my hair (which I love and plan to do again) I find I can not use cones even if I wanted to because they make my hair feel plasticky like doll hair, and really yucky.

I rinsed out the DT and my hair felt super soft and silky but still tangled a lot in the shower. I was able to comb through it with less difficulty than before though so I'll probably try another DT this weekend maybe leave it in over night. I styled with FGS(zero additives), garnier curl shaping gel (forgoing the pump and applying it by hand) and LOOB. Hair turned out looking pretty nice, although I think the LOOB was a little heavy in my hair. My hair feels better though, and not as many frizzies.

Perhaps I just need to find a conditioner with even more moisture and detangling, but DH has made me promise I'd use up the rest of what I have before I buy new products. I think the weather is just effecting my hair and I notice it more because I am actually paying attention to it this year. (I have noticed my skin is drier than normal too.)

I'm thinking of trying Aubrey Organics though once my sauve and tresseme stash are gone in a couple weeks.