I am not that great (yet) at whipping together awesome -or even just good - hair updo's. My signature casual look on hot days consists of a ponytail + an elastic. When I am wearing my hair out I do my whole curly routine and just bounce around as is.

Sometimes special situations call for a certain amount of refinery and elegance - something that my plain old ponytail just can't provide. This year I am making it my mission to learn new ways to style my hair . Sadly, I don't yet have good intuition when it comes to knowing where/how to place what regarding accessories. (Bobby pins are a no go with me.) My hair is thick but VERY slippery so my hair likes to slither out of most clips. I have tried many times, followed many "how to" guides, but I am still waiting for my "Ah Ha!", now my updo rocks, moment. I usually just give up in frustration.

Now, I am in desperate need of some idiot proof accessory recommendations. I have already ordered a Flexi-8 hair clip - it was hard to ignore the rave reviews online. (I already purchased some Spin Pins and several sets of hair sticks.)

Any other practically foolproof recommendations? I have read about Ficcare Maximas hair clips - but would they really stay in slippery hair? My ponytail circumference is 3.5 inches - would I need a medium size then?

Anyway, thanks so much if you're read this far! I will be blogging about this in the Summer and am trying to come up with a roster of products to experiment with over the next few months.

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