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I posted my pixie on the 2s board a while ago. I loved it. I got tons of compliments from women. It was absolute freedom (other than I had to trim it every month or so, which cost me nothing). I didn't even own conditioner. I only needed a comb. I could wear a bike helmet or a stocking cap with virtually no damage to my "do." I met my husband in that phase of my life too. It was probably nearly the perfect haircut for me.
The only reasons I don't go back to it: I like my waves and curls and the pixie makes me look a lot younger and thus it wouldn't be fair to husband who is quite a bit older than me. If not for the second reason, I would run to the mirror right now and cut my hair! Being closer to 40 and looking closer to "almost 30" would be quite nice!
Here's the evidence: http://public.fotki.com/IAGirl/pixie/
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Got my hair cut again yesterday. Sorry about my face.
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Wow, I love your pixie! It reminds me of Ginnifer Goodwin's hair, how it's short but long enough in the front to be very versatile. Your picture proves pixies look great curly and straight! My hair curls a bit like yours, in ringlets, and I was worried about how it'll look if I go with the pixie cut, but yours looks fantastic!