I knew a girl who sincerely thought President G.W. Bush was the best president out of all of them. (I know this is a matter of opinion, not historical facts, but still)

Really???? Really??? I mean, you can be a Republican, you can like Bush Jr. whatever that's not the issue. But best president ever? He's routinely on the worst list of presidents how did he jump to your #1?

She said and I quote exactly "He's the only president that has had to deal with a major crisis so cut him some slack. Plus, people just didn't like him because he's conservative and nowadays people just want to abort babies, live off welfare, and have gay sex in the streets."

Uhhhh, what about the presidents during WWI, WWII, The Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, and the Cuban Missile Crisis? Did she just erase those events out of history? I couldn't even start on the second part of her statement. Pure hyperbole and ignorance. At that point in the argument I just let it go. Nothing can be accomplished when you are starting out arguing with someone with that kind of mindset.

To top it all off this girl was a history major. Pshhh