Okay so I'm 27 years old and for the first time in my life I have what I consider long hair (when blow out and ironed it's to the middle of my back). The issue: the longer it gets the less curly it gets and the flatter my roots get, obviously because of the weight.

Now I know other people have posted similar questions but all the responders give the solution of cutting it shorter, or getting layers. I feel like I've been waiting 15 years for my hair to be this long, and simply cutting it off is not an option. As far as getting layers, I am not really comfortable with that either because it makes it hard to put up in a pony and when i blow it out and iron it (about once a week) I don't need extra body (or frizz; i had layers once before and it was the worst decision i even made for my hair).

I know I'm being a little difficult and may be asking for something not possible, but does anyone have any ideas/tips/tricks on how to deal with my long 2A hair without cutting it (besides a trim). I guess what I'm looking for is to create more spirals or make it more bouncy, and to somehow lift my roots.

(FYI: I use Marc Anthony's "Strictly Curls" products w/ a diffuser)