Mirabella~I had a similar dry tangly hair freak out when washing my hair after henna. Im sure you mentioned this but I can't remember-did you say yo co-wash or low-poo or shampoo? Also, what conditioners are you using right now? I ask because I found that after henna my hair really hated many low-poos but responded well to deva lowpoo and yes to carrots and yes to tomatoes poo. (I cant co-wash, my scalp hates that). I even have to use a regular shampoo sometimes. I found that yes to carrots condish and other conditioners with olive oil, and basically any oils or behemetromion methosulfate high on the list realllyyy helped me by cutting down on the detangling time alot. I've even doused my head in olive oil and saran-wrapped it and let that sit for half an hour before washing, and that helped too I also started sort of laying the conditioner on my hair and letting it sit a bit before finger combing it through. I also use less product after henna and get that weird stringy effect after cones sometimes! Good luck to you!
Hair type: 3a, fine, porous (too much hair dye on lengths), hennaed
Products i love so far: devacare low-poo, gftn, yes to tomatoes, yes to carrots, burt's bees shea and grapefruit DT, oc, millcreek botanicals biotin conditioner aveda be curly style prep and curl enhancer, cjdf, ciab, bb fsg, bb styling mud, angel, cccclite