Just had to drop in and say that these have been my go to products since the day I received them . My hair is in love , I love the scent too! I have used both the satin roots and coil jam every time I've washed my hair since day one with awesome results each time!! I have mixed the jam with SSCEJ and with BRHG just to see how different my results would be. I don't necessarily need more hold with the jam but the CJ/BRHG combo gives me better second day hair. My hair will start to dry crunchy with the CJ but as I diffuse, it always ends up soft an touchable. I like that the CJ is not sticky or tacky. I dont have to wash my hands when I'm done applying because it doesn't feel like I have "gel" on my hands. I'm soooo glad I ordered the larger sized containers of both. I think I'm going to transfer the CJ to a pump bottle though. These two products should last me quite a while as well.
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