*DISCLAIMER: I tried to size the pics down but it wouldn't work ***

Oh, how I needed to re-read this thread. Been having a hard time liking my hair this winter.....yet strangely I do NOT feel like straightening it this season, like I usually do (I always wear straight or roller-sets in cold weather only)

This is my hair with Cantu Shea Butter leave-in, and sealed with olive oil. INCREDIBLE hair day yesterday even with mild wind. Yesterday's windy weather resulted in the slightly fuzzy ends below. Still looked wayyyyy better at the end of a long workday, than with other products.

This was the day before, with Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade. The damnedest thing is....this product is laden with petroleum, 'cones and mineral oil. Yet it's consistently been the most effective product for my hair.

I hadn't used any for at least a year or so after my last bottle ran out, because I'm never willing to pay above a certain amount for hair products. I tried to go totally CG but I just got so tired of stuff not working well and buying so many products to experiment. So I put the Pommade on my Christmas wish list this year. Nothing else has ever given me the same results.

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