not to worry... there is no 12-step program and we will never try to get you to give it up!

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Ha!! Thanks. Good to know you have my back!! Did a major haul yesterday!
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Umm, are you going to share the details?!?
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Giddy typing everything I bought. Ended up going to two stores because of course one didn't have everything I wanted.
Tour de Fabulous-"Knockout"
Naturally- "Fresh Air" & "The Wee Coquette" lipglass/ "A Perfect Day" lippie/"Fresh Honey" & "Early Morning" blush

AND when I got home had a pkg on my doorstep for

Tour "Check this Out" glass/ Naturally "Just my Type" lip pencil/ Iris Apfel shadow "Howzat" & regular "Neon Orange" lippie
I had a GOOD day! LOL