I use Ice Queen method in the shower, then rake LI and gel through, and scrunch 'n pump to bring back the clumps /curl, then plop. After scrunching product in from the ends of your hair, you might try going in from underneath your hair, or the side (toward the root), and scrunch gently to get product applied (if that makes sense). Also, you could try smoothing gel over the surface of your hair, or even carefully section, and smooth gel over the surface in each.
CG since 11/2011
2c /3a F /Mii, low porosity

Fall Products /Routine:
Clarifying: Herbal Essences Tealightfully Clean
Low Poo: Renpure Luxurious Argan Oil
CO: Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut or Daily Clarifying, V05 Strawberry or Kiwi Lime
Tresemme Perfectly (un)Done, Cure Care, V05 Kiwi Lime Squeeze, V05 Strawberry, Renpure Brazilian Keratin (old formula),
PT: IAGirl's as needed