Time In! Soleilmoncur, I really love my NYX round lipsticks. They are really pigmented, especially since my upper lip is brown and the bottom is pink. I will tell you right now, Hero is a bold and wonderful blue based red that compliments my skin beautifully. You should defffff try it!
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Wait you have the multi-toned lips too? Seriously how do you manage yours? I have super pink inside with brown lining. It gets annoying, especially since most lipsticks I've tried have been too much. I like a more natural look, not that bold but anything I've tried has come out two-toned when i put it on.
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NYX has good coverage with the reds, purples, browns, and sometimes the mauves (Hope is realllly nice with a brown lip liner (NYX nutmeg)), but I am still looking for more full coverage. I have used a light shade concealer, but this can be drying - I am testing the NYX Milk Jumbo pencil for this use now...

I also really like the Bare Escentuals Amazing lip colors for their full coverage (my favs are Strength, Witty, Bravado - they don't seem that bold to me though)...and am considering more matte lipsticks, they tend to be very true to color regardless of lip pigmentation. Not an expert though...HTH
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