so.sick. worked 8 hrs half dead. I can tell my boss and co workers are over how sick I've been. one of my coworkers an older lady ask me every week if you can't do the work then why are you still here? ( I can do t I just do it way slower now so I'm not vomiting all over the bakery) I want to tell each one of them off at times. everything in me wants to quit but we can't afford that. one of the times I was in the bathroom getting sick a complete stranger knocked on the door saying she had a wet rag for my face. it was the kindest gesture. at least I have a preggie belly now so it's obvious what's going on. before my belly showed when I'd come out of the stall from getting sick woman asked are you sick hungover or pregnant? when I said pregnant her whole face softened. all in all. last night was bad. today was horrible. I'm ready to feel better its just not happening.

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((((((((((Sweetmx85))))))))))) I'm hope that this sickness ends for you soon. I will keep sending positive thoughts your way. I'm glad you have this thread to vent in though (glad we all have the Say It Threads on NC). I hope it's least to let a little steam off.