Wow..wish I had an annoying sister. I have one brother..he's married and they live in another state. I don't get to see him often cause they live far.
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I'm sorry CocoT..if what I stated was at all insensitive. It was more about me missing my brother is all because he and I were very close growing up. I understand that not all siblings get along 24.7..doesn't mean you don't love them or you mean any harm when you express it they are bugging ya. Hey..some relatives ARE annoying.
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Oh no I didn't think you were being insensitive at all. I was frowning because your reply made me realize how petty and bratty I can be sometimes and how I should appreciate all the moments I hAve with my sister, no matter how annoying, because having a close sibling is a blessing. Your reply also reminded me of my mom and her brother...but they're not that close and thats a whole other tangent. Lol

My sis and I are twins so were really really close. We do butt heads a lot because we're so much alike.

Sorry for the sensitivity. Lol. I'm in a sentimental mood (and that's a good song by John Coltrane )

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