Hahahaha those gifs are too funny! I'm glad that I'm not alone on this. I have good times in college but I feel like all the extra stress and exhaustion that comes with it doesn't balance that out at all.

I need the structure of school. I feel like I'm wasting away right now...
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Yep. All I do is sleep and watch tv online. I should read a book or something.
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Back when I loved school, I would have a project for longer breaks. It really helped me stay busy and I always felt really accomplished after it was completed

Sometimes I'd go to the library and check out ten books. Sometimes I'd browse craft websites and blogs and create something really cool. One summer I grew sunflowers, tomatoes, and watermelons in my backyard. Just fine something that really interest you and let it fill your day.

However, this break I had no really big project and I loved every single minute of doing absolutely nothing. (I am making melted crayon art tomorrow but that's going to take 3 hours tops).