You said you are a "no" to bobby pins? Any reason why? If it's just because they don't hold, have you tried criss-crossing them? That usually works.

Also, if your hair is secured by some other clip or elastic, the weight is therefore not an issue for the bobby pins, and they can be used alone or in crossed pairs to hold some curls in place.

I see you already have spin pins - LOVE THEM!!!

It depends a lot on the length of your hair, but some simple updos can look fabulous on curly hair! My hair is too long for this one now, but I used to put my hair in a really high pony, then just pin the curls down to my head so they didn't bounce around too much. (you can get away with longer hair on this if you have layers. Sometimes you can pin the longer bits up underneath, if needed.) I got compliments on it all the time, and it took all of 3 mins to do!

Another is of course the French twist. I will twist it up, leave the ends hanging, put a clamp at the top (it's under the length that is left hanging, so it doesn't show), and spin pin the twist itself. Sometimes I'll stick a large bobby pin or two just above the clamp for security. I do this updo all the time. It also takes 3-5mins. You can pin random curls as needed, and doing so in different ways can make it look more or less formal.

The last one is the looped pony - but your hair needs to be past should length for it to work. I will do it either high or low, depending on the look I want, or how bad my crown hair looks - ha! Do the looped pony (the one where the second wrap of the pony you only pull halfway through the elastic), but do it so the length falls ON TOP. Then you can spin pin/bobby pin/whatever the loop in place, and pin the fall of hair as needed for the look you want to achieve. (if your hair is long enough, you can put a clamp above the loop to help hold the length in place.)

I hope that helps!! Ask questions - I'm sure I didn't always explain those well! Haha!
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