Thanks guys! My hair is just touching my shoulders right now. I cut it a long while back rather short (what was I thinking <sob>) but I'm currently growing it back long again. I figure in a year or so I'll be back to the way I was in the pictures.

rymorg2: So your hair is short but you're already in the large Ficcare maximas territory? Maybe it would be more economical for me to grab a large then. I certainly don't want hair products that I can't keep using given that these are expensive. I love how elegant they look - I think if I got a black and a colorful one I'd be good to go. (Question: Do those teeth damage your hair at all? They look shark like! )

Regarding my ineptitude with bobby pins. I think it's knowing where in your hair to put them to secure the hair that I struggle with. I have a friend of mine who did an updo for me using just a few and it was freaking incredible. I was stunned at how she knew how to shape my hair and where to clip what. I was totally in awe of her skill. I also end up pulling out a lot of hair when I carefully try to remove them. Maybe I would benefit from a step by step book.

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