Hi Curlies!

I've been in a bit of a hair rut these past few weeks - it just seems blah and boring. I'm trying to decide if chopping it off would make me feel better about it. My main goal for the past few months has been to grow it out - I've always wanted long curls. So, I'm obviously a little reluctant to chop it off after growing it out for this long!

Here are some pictures with my hair both long and short. . . so, which to do?!? Chop it off, or just get a good cut and keep the length?
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What do you think. . . keep it growing long, or chop it off?-dscn1581.jpg   What do you think. . . keep it growing long, or chop it off?-dscn1869.jpg  
Northeastern PA Curly, Type 2C/3A

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