rymorg2: So your hair is short but you're already in the large Ficcare maximas territory? Maybe it would be more economical for me to grab a large then. I certainly don't want hair products that I can't keep using given that these are expensive. I love how elegant they look - I think if I got a black and a colorful one I'd be good to go. (Question: Do those teeth damage your hair at all? They look shark like! )
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Yep for the same reason....economical. I could do the same thing with a medium but I don't want to get it then a large later. I have fine hair but a TON of it. You do have to be careful of the teeth but it's the hinges I find shed hair in.....and it's shed hair, I don't usually feel it pull any out of my scalp. Maybe once or twice, but no teeth damage.

I hear you on the bobby pins. I can use them (hee hee....stylist territory) but I prefer not to because cheap metals bother my scalp. I guess the sterling silver plating protects me from that with ficcares.

eta...our hair is about the same length; mine is past my shoulders when straight and when it's curly it's laying on them.
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