I haven't messed about much with coconut oil as i've heard it can make your curls more elongated but if i did it would probably be as part of a deep treatment.

Honey can be used in lots of different ways, adding a blob to conditioner will help with curl definition and give you nice shiny curls. You can also do a deep moisture treatment by mixing honey with aloe vera and your conditioner... heat the mixture in a microwave for a few seconds and slather on wet hair, wrap your hair up and leave for about half an hour (this is known as snowys moisture treatment.. SMT... invented by a girl on the longhaircommunity forum and by all accounts its fanastic). People also do honey rinses by mixing a few tablespoons of honey with water for your final rinse. People also use it with some aloe vera as a gel / curl defininer after thier final rinse.

Shea butter is my altimate God send!! I use it as a leave in and it gives me well defines, bouncy curls... i've quit using gel since i found this stuff!! it doesn't hold as such but because my curls are so moisturised and free to springy i don't feel i need any hold! I'm about to order some unrefined stuff but at the moment i scrunch Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave-in conditioner into my hair, towel dry a little and thats it! Heres what it looks like... http://www.healthlifeline.com/item.html?PRID=1001662

I also srunch a little in when my hair is dry and it gives me an extra bit of clumping. And when i tie my hair back, i smooth a very tiny amount over my hair to catch any frizzies