Just wanted to update my results with the Yes to Carrots Conditioner. While I didnt experience as much detangling and slip as I'd like it did a better job than anything else I've been using. I also used the Yes to Carrots leave in conditioner with my usual gels (but no LOOB). Not as much hold with out the loob but I'm pleased so far. Gonna keep moisturizing and wanted to ask if Burt's Bee's deep conditioner (the shea and grapefruit one) was any good or also drying?

A picture of today's results (wish I could get my hair to actually look this red :P)

Oh I also wanted to add that I used Icequeens method for clumps and actually got curl all the way to the root for a little while. But then I was a little heavy handed trying to rearrange my funky part and the weight of my hair pulled them down a little.

Also as I continue to moisturize, will that cut down on the individual hairs that wont stay clumped? Here's a picture of what I'm talking about, but honestly I can deal with that as long as the curls stay like this

Thank you sooo much for everyone's help and advice