First off, I would like to say that curlpro is a true professional that has been on these boards for quite awhile, like myself. We have seen trends come and go, been sung praises for our methods and bashed for our methods. I think at this point we mostly lurk.
Curlpro, I think you have a passion for curlys, as do I, and you have gone above and beyond to be well informed and educated. We both know how important and hard it can be to go against the grain.
If you are interested in the carve n slice, and think that method will work for your hair, by all means find a way to get to curlpro!!
What I think curlpro and I both want is well informed curlys, that have options that they have never had before.
That being said, I have chosen the Deva method for myself and my clientel.
Please know that there is a world of difference between the 1 day course and the three day. A one day stylist gets the basics, the 3 day is much more advanced.
There is no limitation of the 45 degree angle or the style or shape of the hair. It's just that Deva respects the natural hair, curl and growth patteren. The haircut will always be unique to your natural hair.
For you curlies that have 3 different curl types, for you curlies that have a curl that starts at the back of your head, but likes to dry over to the side. For you curlies that have a crown that falls forward, but sides that go back. I say quit fighting it and go with it. Get a haircut that works with your natural patern instead of against it. If this is what your looking for then the Deva cut should be your choice.
As for the hair being " uneven" If I am doing a wet cut, I can give an absolutely precission even cut, that if you pull it up and out you will see straight lines. No problem. But my head has no straight lines, my hair has no straight lines, when my hair dries, there are no straight lines.
We wear our hair dry, why not cut it dry, exactly where it lives.
Both methods agree that you must start with properly moisturised hair. We go about it different ways. Carve n slice manipulates the hair to remove bulk and lay down the curl. Deva cuts respects the curl in its natural shape and placment.
Be a well informed curly, know your hair and know what you want, and you will be happy.
Whew, I sure hope that all came out well, it sounded good in my head.
3a/3b coarse and thick.....big and red

Advanced Deva inspired Stylist