I have my 10 week appointment this week and at my last appointment, they gave me a schedule of upcoming appointments, saying more-or-less what would happen at each one. On this 10-week one, they have me scheduled for a pap smear.

At my last appointment, I asked if I could decline it. I've had normal pap smears for the last 9 years (ever since I started getting them) and have read that the "standard of care" for having them during pregnancy is just because most women don't come for annual exams, so they do it while you're in for your prenatal appointments. I've also read they DON'T do them during pregnancy in other countries. I realize it's done on the outside of the cervix and there isn't any contact with the fetus whatsoever, but it just seems so counterintuitive to scrape cells away from something that is keeping the pregnancy protected. Anyway, they said nothing is "required" and I can decline it if I really want to. Am I being ridiculous? Do I need to just do this and not worry about it?