I did a low-poo cleanse using Coloreese shampoo. Then I mix 1/3 cup warm olive oil with a few good squirts of the GVP conditioning balm. Worked into my damp hair, wrapped in plastic wrap and then wrapped in a warm towel. I left it on for about 3 hours. When I jumped back into the shower, I rinsed with cold water & a little more low-poo.

My hair was silky smooth & the comb ran straight thru!! No hints of any tangles
Finally have a routine that works

Low Poo - 2chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Shampoo
Co-Wash - V05 Passion Fruit Smoothie Conditioner
RO - Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Cure Care, GVPCB
Stylers - GF Pure Clean Gel, BTZ Noodle Head, LA Looks Sports Gel, Eco Styler Krystal, KCCC (I am a product junkie )

Wash at night, add products, plop in a t-shirt overnight, then diffuse in the morning!! It is great finally getting to sleep in