I really do appreciate all the help and support but Im done... As you can see from my Avatar, that was my ONE and only good hair day.
IVE spent hundreds on products and yet THE attached photo is WHAT my hair looks like EVERYDAY - NO MATTER

Ive tried protein, non protein, glycerin, non glycerin

low poo, no poo, co wash

kinky curly, curl junkie, bottecilli, Garnier, Pure clean... AND ON AND ON

No treatment helped my frizzes - no method HELPED... IT ALWAYS LOOKS dirty, dull and FRIZZY...

ANY AND all combos result in almost the same... VERY rare occasions does it look good for about an hour then it just turns to lifeless, stringy, frizz...

MY avatar was with Come Clean, Knot Today and Curling Custard...
IT NEVER has been that way again so I tried so many other products

IF ANYONE has any other thoughts Im open but Im seriously thinking of just pony tailing it from now on

3b, DRY, doesnt like protein it SEEMS or Magnesium, I diffuse cause it would take days
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