i can say that for about a year now Aveda universal styling creme and Fruit of the earth aloe vera gel are my HG's. it took me a while to realize i should combine them lol. i thank nc.com for that critical info! nothing can come close to the results i get with this combo. i've tweaked a few things to make my hair even better by adding honey and making my own spray leave in condish with spectrum naturals organic coconut oil and water. my hair is so amazing now and i'm so proud to be me, which is curly. i swear i get compliments literally everyday by someone new who is just in awe with my curls. i guess it's because they are so tight and well defined. the main questions i get asked are "do you twist your hair to make it curl like that?" and "is that a straw set?" when i say "nope that just the way it is" the looks on their faces are priceless lol.
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