Have you tried a different haircut? Just sayin'. You can't have even remotely reliable or predictable hair without a good haircut. And you can get away with a lot less styling products when your haircut helps your hair fall how you like.
Patience, patience! Some things like gelatin PTs require, say, a month of one-per-week uses to show a difference, depending on the condition your hair is in.
Techniques are so important too. A good technique can often make or break a styling product.

It took me ages to learn to style my hair and in the meanwhile, I learned lots of updos that looked good pulled loosely back so I could put my hair up if the styling didn't suit me that day. I also came to realize that a different sort of cut and length was needed to suit my hair and face and that took a while to work out, too. Seriously, teenage girls spend many years learning about fixing their hair, so it's not unreasonable for an adult to require 6 months to a year (even with all the help here) to get things figured out.
If anything works for you reliably, use it and the heck with "CG" rules. It's your hair, you call the shots.