Im a Christian & try to live my life as such but sometimes...I want to go to the club & "drop it" hot & low like I did in my 20s (NASTY!). Dance till my feet are numb & cant walk.
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hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha lmbo!!! I have the same thoughts at times!

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I have a friend who was in ministry and quit cause she likes to dance and felt like she couldn't. It seems overly restrictive to me. I'm not sure that God is sitting on the throne saying dancing is the debil. Sounds more to me like people are saying that. Clubbing all the time where you're neglecting responsibility, being loose with men in the club, getting drunk and losing inhibition - that's the stuff. I think it's not the action itself, but what it leads to and what accompanies it that's dangerous. But that's just me...
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