Ooooo and I wish a heffa woulda stepped to my family, all judgmental the way she who must not be named is doing in the thread which shall not be named. Children are perceptive, I GUARAN-TEA that those kids knew how she felt about their mama even if she never SPOKE a word against her to them. That one deserved what she got IMO.
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Too true. Kids do know. They were very aware too that even while she was doing all of these "things" and "taking care of them", she didn't really want them or like them the least bit.
Hair type: the back and sides have small spiraly curls, the top and front just wave like, "hi! how ya doin?"

Condish: ElucenceMBC, HEHH, my kitchen mixes

Moisturizer: mixed spritz of: H20, aloe vera juice, honey, EVCO, ElucenceMBC

Curl Definer: H20 & a shake, my moisturizer mix.... or aloe vera/flax seed/ic fantsia gel if I'm not being lazy.

Styles: wash-n-go, twists just curl up like my wash-n-go

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