Anyone ever date a workaholic?
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Yes. Years ago. And I was miserable. He also traveled frequently for his job. I also need to add that he was divorced and had a son who lived in another state and he wasn't the type to ignore the kid. Between the demands of his job and his responsibities as a father, obviously, I was not a big priority. I'd see him maybe once every six weeks on average. The fact that his son took precedence over me didn't bother me as much as it would a lot of other women. So many other men shirk their responsibilities to their children that it was commendable that he actually took responsibility for his son, which showed that he had great character. All the overtime at the job, though? That bothered me. Anyone who wants something or someone bad enough will make a good effort to get it. Once every six weeks is not any effort. It took me two years to end it, though it really should have been much sooner.
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