Thanks for the replies everyone!

I think I agree with the majority and like the skip curls better.

But, time is a factor. If it took a long time to do it, I'd just go for the second look because I'm lazy.
It doesn't take too long. Maybe an extra 5-10 minutes. I just do the top layer.

You could try to use some kind of hairspray to try and salvage volume for your skip-curls... Might give you the best of your preferred worlds.
The only 2 CG hairsprays I've found have protein and my hair doesn't like it. What I've been doing is using spray gel at the roots when dry and drying the gel with the diffuser.

Sometimes I feel too Shirley-Temple-ish with the structured curls.
Exactly! I feel the same way sometimes.

What did you do in this picture? I love it! I posted a comment and LOL when I saw I already commented on that one.
I think I just scrunched in that one, but I have more hair now because I'm trying to grow to APL or BSL. It doesn't look the same anymore.
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