I am using Massey's wavygirl method for washing my hair right now (shampoo on the scalp only with conditioner applied as a shield from the shampoo on the hair shaft )because I think co-washing would produce too much buildup. If it makes any sense, I find that after conditioning with Suave Coconut Condish or Freeman's Shine Overboard condish too many times in a row, my curls get weighed down - but not moisturized. So I thought maybe I should try a moisturizing shampoo alone.
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I have 2b/3a hair and can get really spirally, depending on the weather.
One thing I found with my hair is that even a non sulfate shampoo can be drying if used everyday. And that results in less curls.

Why don't you try co-washing for 2 days in a row and then using a nonsulfate shampoo on the 3rd or 4th day? I started out doing that and now I only use a non sulfate shampoo maybe once a month when my hair starts to frizz from being overconditioned or build up.
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